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Century Drill & Tool
Premium Quality Drill Bits - Taps - Dies - Specialty Tools

We offer an extensive selection of premium quality CENTURY drill and tool products, including metric and SAE high speed, cobalt, and left-handed drill bits, metric & SAE taps & dies, and other related accessories such as center punches, extractors, and cutting oil.
For more information on current availability and pricing of a specific item, give us a call at (209) 951-3761. 
Most of our CENTURY products are now available for purchase through our eBay store!

CENTURY Drill & Tool Products We Carry
  • Cobalt High Speed Steel Drill Bits
  • Premium Cobalt Steel Left Hand Drill Bits (for removing broken studs/bolts)
  • High Carbon Alloy Taps & Dies in Metric and SAE
  • Thread Restoring Files
  • Screw Extractors
  • Cutting Oil
  • Center Punches